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Buying a used car in Palermo is easy – just come to Nuova Sicilauto SRL and choose from one of our used Chevrolet cars. Many of our used Chevrolet cars are covered by the Chevrolet Approved scheme – making them some of the highest quality used Chevrolet cars in Palermo.

As part of the scheme, Nuova Sicilauto SRL's trained experts make sure that we only offer used Chevrolet cars that meet the rigorous Chevrolet-approved standards. But our commitment doesn't end there - we also offer the following:

  • Quality & history checks
    We run rigorous checks and test everything on a used Chevrolet car from engine performance to paintwork. We also check every used Chevrolet car's mileage, history and our recall register - to make sure there's no hidden surprises
  • MOT test cover
    If your used Chevrolet car needs an MOT within the first 12 months of ownership, we'll provide you with our MOT test cover. This ensures that if your new Chevrolet car fails its MOT test, you'll be covered for almost all faults identified as part of the MOT inspection, up to a maximum of £750 per claim (including VAT)
  • Comprehensive warranty coverage
    Your used Chevrolet car is comprehensively covered for the repair and replacement of mechanical and electrical components (parts and labour). This cover lasts for 12 months or 20,000 miles (whichever happens first). Included in this are: brakes, battery and clutch cover
  • 30 day guarantee
    In the very unlikely event of your used Chevrolet car developing a fault within the first 30 days which can't be repaired to a satisfactory standard – we'll exchange it for another used Chevrolet car of equal value

So, if you're buying a used car in Palermo and want to make sure you're getting a reliable used car at a good price - contact us

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